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IBM Business Analytics Software (Cognos, SPSS)

IBM Business Analytics software helps your organization better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes. You can achieve breakthrough results and outperform your competition.

Business Analytics solutions for:

Business Intelligence
Connect people with information when, where and how they need it. Drive better decisions and greater collaboration to improve performance and results.

Predictive and advanced analytics
Discover subtle patterns and associations and develop and deploy predictive models to optimize decision-making throughout your organization.

Financial performance and strategy management
Guide management strategy in the most profitable directions with timely, reliable and transparent insights into financial performance.

Governance, risk and compliance
Manage governance, risk and compliance more effectively with tools that improve business processes and increase efficiency and accountability.

Analytic Applications
Provide line-of-business managers with actionable insights through packaged analysis and reporting solutions.

SPSS predictive analytics software and solutions


Predictive analytics helps your organization anticipate change so that you can plan and carry out strategies that improve outcomes.

Cognos 10 revolutionizes


Cognos 10 revolutionizes the way organizations use business intelligence.

Enterprise Content Management
Delivering content in motion for better business value


IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) helps companies activate content and put it in motion for better business value.

Enterprise content management capabilities:

Advanced case management
Activate content. Achieve a 360-degree case view with collaboration, content, process, analytics and business rules.

Document imaging and capture (US)
Capture content. Automate document imaging and report management. Enhance content routing and processing.

Social content management (US)
Socialize content. Share, collaborate and manage it all in context, including office documents.

Content Analytics
Analyze content. Derive new business insight rapidly by accessing, interpreting and analyzing unstructured content.

Information lifecycle governance
Govern the lifecycle of information, including archiving, defensible disposal, records and ediscovery.

ECM Starter Packs (US)
Get started on enterprise capabilities.

More enterprise content management capabilities:
Classification (US)
Defensible disposal (US)
Records and retention management (US)
Document management
eDiscovery (US)
Enterprise report management (US)
Enterprise search (US)
Records and retention management (US)

Popular enterprise content management product families:
Case Manager
Content Collector (US)
Content Analytics
Content Manager (US)
Content Manager OnDemand (US)
Datacap (US)
FileNet Content Manager (US)
OmniFind (US)

Enterprise content management for SAP and System Z:
System Z and IBM ECM (US)

Information management (DB2, Informix, InfoSphere) Software


IBM Information Management solutions deliver trusted information throughout your information supply chain and help you analyze your information to gain insights, identify breakdowns, and make better decisions that will optimize your business.

What we offer:

Data Management and Database Software
IBM® delivers proven capabilities for reducing cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure, improving business effectiveness. IBM offers a comprehensive set of Database Management solutions that respond to today's top IT challenges.

Database Software

DB2 offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux to z/OS

DB2 for z/OS
DB2 for z/OS helps you reduce cost and complexity in your IT infrastructure, simplify compliance, and leverage your core asset - your data.

Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) delivers blazing online transaction processing performance.

IBM's Premier Transaction and Database Managers for critical online applications

solid DB
solid DB offers relational, in-memory database technology, delivering extreme speed and performing up to 10x faster than conventional, disk-based databases.

Data Security & Privacy (US)
Protecting data privacy is no longer optional—it’s the law! Organizations must have procedures in place to de-identify data across both production and non-production environments to comply with data privacy regulations and avoid data breaches.
The information explosion, the proliferation of endpoint devices, growing user volumes and new computing models like cloud, big data and social business are only exacerbating the problem.
Organizations need to adopt a policy driven, on demand transformation approach to proactively protect data privacy and support compliance especially in the new era of computing where data is everywhere.
The InfoSphere Optim solutions bring flexibility, scalability and adaptability to data transformation by helping organizations.

Data Warehouse Appliances
The Simple Data Warehouse Appliance for Serious Analytics.
IBM Netezza data warehouse appliances (link resides outside of combine server, storage, and database into high-performance appliances that are purpose-built to make advanced analytics on big data simpler, faster and more accessible.
With simple deployment, out-of-the-box optimization, no tuning and minimal on-going maintenance, IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance have the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest total-cost-of-ownership.

Information Integration
IBM Information Integration is the leader in data integration. Our platform integrates and transforms data improving productivity, flexibility and performance, so you have the right information for your business.
Information integration is the process of integrating and transforming data and content to deliver authoritative, consistent, timely and complete information, and governing its quality throughout its life cycle.

Data Warehousing & Analytics
IBM provides a unified, powerful data warehouse delivering access to structured and unstructured information and operational and transactional data in real time.
we offer:

Data servers

InfoSphere Warehouse Enterprise Edition
Fully integrated solution to simplify data warehouse environment and deliver dynamic warehousing.
Warehousing Solutions for SMB
Provides growing companies competitively priced data warehousing solutions to meet a range of needs.
InfoSphere Balanced Warehouse
The complete data warehousing solution comprised of pre-tested, scalable and fully-integrated system components of InfoSphere Warehouse, Server and Storage.

IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Server
IBM® InfoSphere™ Master Data Management Server manages critical master data across customer, product and account domains.It provides the strategic architecture companies need to solve critical enterprise master data management issues by managing customer, account and product data centrally.

Software & appliances

DB2 offers industry leading performance, scale, and reliability on your choice of platform from Linux to z/OS. Learn how customers are transforming their data center with DB2.

solidDB™ product family features relational, in-memory database technology that delivers extreme speed, performing up to ten times faster than conventional, disk-based databases. solidDB uses the familiar SQL language to allow applications to achieve tens of thousands of transactions per second with response times measured in microseconds.

Informix® Dynamic Server (IDS) delivers exceptional online transaction processing performance. IDS warehouse capabilities provide an integrated software platform. And IDS data compression (US) can save up to 80% in disk space.

Netezza data warehouse appliances (link resides outside of combine server, storage, and database into high-performance appliances that are purpose-built to make advanced analytics on big data simpler, faster and more accessible.
With simple deployment, out-of-the-box optimization, no tuning and minimal on-going maintenance, IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance have the industry’s fastest time-to-value and lowest total-cost-of-ownership.

IMS is IBM's premier transaction & hierarchical database management system. The latest capabilities enable SOA exploitation, secure your investment and enable new application development.

InfoSphere products accelerate the delivery of trusted information for business optimisation. Business optimisation requires information that is accurate, complete, in context and actionable. Achieving this level of trusted business information requires transforming, reconciling and maintaining information, and delivering it in real time to the people, processes and applications that need it. InfoSphere products stand alone in the market by offering the breadth of capabilities required for the end to end management and delivery of trusted business information to ensure competitive success.

InfoSphere Guardium (US)
InfoSphere Guardium provides the simplest, most robust solution for assuring the privacy and integrity of trusted information in your data center, and reducing costs by automating the entire compliance auditing process in heterogeneous environments.

InfoSphere Optim
IBM Optim Integrated Data Management solutions manage data from requirements to retirement. Boost performance, empower collaboration, and improve governance across applications, databases and platforms.

System z (US)
IBM business analytics and data warehousing solutions on System z are designed to cost effectively exploit the unique capabilities of the System z platform for delivering fast, reliable, and scalable business information for optimized business performance.

Lotus (collaboration)


Security-rich software that enables businesses to communicate, collaborate and increase productivity. Find collaboration software products by category, by A-Z, or by keyword search. Get Lotus support. Create business flexibility with Lotus Software.

we offer

Connect and collaborate

Social collaboration
IBM has the tools and expertise to help you maximize the value of social collaboration in business environments, including profiles, blogs, wikis, bookmarking, tagging, activities, communities, shared files, team spaces with content management tools, enterprise instant messaging, online meetings, audio and video chat, email and calendaring, delivered on premises or in the cloud.

Unified communications
Enable users to work together in real time by sharing information and processes.

Web experience
Anticipate customer needs; Engage when, where and how you want; and Deliver exceptional services.

Collaboration solutions that drive business value:

Reduce costs
Save money on travel, operational expenses, and infrastructure costs.

Maximize employee potential
Enable your most valuable corporate asset - your people - to be as productive and responsive as possible.

Collaborate in the cloud
Bring people and information together quickly, simply and securely with a suite of online services.

Strengthen relationships
Give your customers and partners a new online voice and include them in your business processes.

Foster innovative teams and communities
Drive growth with vibrant business communities and empowered participation across teams.

Accelerate your business processes
Use collaboration to make your business processes faster and more efficient.

Collaboration software products, by category:
E-mail, calendaring and collaborative applications
Social computing and mashups
Unified communications and collaboration
Portals and dashboards
Software for small & medium business
Electronic forms and Web content management
Application development tools
Mobile collaboration and wireless

Introducing Social Business for the Mid-Market
Mid-market organisations can achieve strategic benefits from optimising their Social Business deployments and achieving Best-in-Class status.

Rational (software management)
Achieve greater value from your IT and systems investments


IBM® Rational® software helps organisations deliver greater value from their investments in software. This includes automation, state-of-the-art collaboration, and continual measurement through the IBM Rational Jazz® technology platform, IT and systems governance, and more.

It’s all about innovation

Our goal is to enable business innovation and agility. This requires a significant investment in software, both for IT operations and systems development capability.

In today’s market:
Software is increasingly being managed as a strategic business asset, key to enabling sustained business differentiation and flexible operations.
Businesses everywhere are deploying increasingly intelligent, interconnected, and instrumented software and products.
Enabling innovation, lowering costs, and managing change is dependent upon effective software delivery.

Software delivery is a business process that must be continuously measured and improved. IBM Rational offerings include a collaborative software delivery platform, capabilities, and time-tested processes to make software delivery a core business strength.

Jazz - innovation through collaboration
A key component of the Rational portfolio is Jazz, a technology platform for collaborative software delivery. Uniquely attuned to global and distributed teams, the Jazz platform is designed to transform how people work together to build software—making software delivery more collaborative, productive, and transparent.

The Jazz platform helps teams:
Collaborate via social networking and virtualised team memory to overcome geographic and temporal gaps in the software lifecycle.
Automate individual and team workflows throughout the software lifecycle, enabling standardized processes without adding overhead.
Report on the overall process with real-time insight into programs, projects, and resource utilisation, which means teams make better informed decisions and continuously measure progress against desired business outcomes.

Core areas of capability
These core extensive capabilities are where Rational products and services can help make a difference in your organisation’s software needs:

Architecture management: Design, model, develop and deliver superior software and systems.
Change and release management (US): Improve software delivery and lifecycle traceability, from requirements through deployment.
Enterprise architecture management (US): Drive the right decisions and plans to deliver on your business transformation.
Integrated requirements management: Define and manage requirements and provide traceability and alignment with business processes.
Product, project, and portfolio management: Align business goals, best practices, and projects for improved productivity and predictability.
Quality management: Ensure software functionality, reliability, compliance, security, and performance throughout development and production.
Targeted solutions (US): Solve lifecycle management and governance challenges for industries, SOA, systems and more.

Time-tested processes
The IBM Rational product offerings listed above help teams automate a tried-and-true process that represents years of field engagements with real customers designing solutions to real business problems. Today, we deliver this expertise through two process frameworks specially designed to power agile software delivery teams: Measured Capability Improvement Framework and Rational practices.

Rational practices
Provided through IBM Rational Method Composer® (US), which includes the industry-standard Rational Unified Process (US), Rational practices allow agile teams the right amount of process discipline when they need it.
Whether your team is just coming up to speed on agile software delivery techniques, or raising their expertise to new levels of capability, Rational practices provide a tailored approach to iterative lifecycle management for faster, more consistent results.

Extensive partner ecosystem
In addition, Rational has an extensive partner ecosystem that provides capabilities for specific industry and technology needs. These include Ready for IBM Rational software business partner solutions (US) that provide both product and consulting expertise to accelerate initiatives.

Tivoli (service management) Software


IBM Service Management delivers the visibility, control and automation needed to deliver quality service, manage risk and compliance, maximise return on investments, and accelerate business growth.

we offer

Visibility, Control, and Automation ™
An Integrated Service Delivery & Management platform optimized for:

Cloud & Integrated Data Center
Lower the cost of your IT infrastructure and speed the delivery of innovative products and services.

Mobile Device & Endpoint Management
Manage physical and virtual endpoints in real time and ensure compliance.

Network and Service Assurance
Ensure critical services are performing to the highest standards.

Smarter Physical Infrastructures
Improve efficiency and reduce the cost and risk of your assets, from medical devices to buildings.

Security & Compliance
Improve security, risk & compliance posture with automated threat protection & security controls.

Storage Management
Create a more responsive and resilient storage infrastructure.

Systems Management
Improve customer satisfaction with increased availability of critical business services.

WebSphere (integration and optimization) Software


Software for SOA environments that enables dynamic, interconnected business processes, and delivers highly effective application infrastructures for all business situations.

we offer

Featured WebSphere Products:

WebSphere Application Server
WebSphere Application Server provides the availability and security your business depends on while optimizing cost Build, deploy and manage robust, agile and reusable SOA business applications and services of all types while reducing application infrastructure costs with IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Protects investment by allowing you to service-enable existing packaged and legacy applications; create new services and extend your business applications to the Web.
Fully utilize diverse developer skills with a comprehensive set of open standards-based programming models: CEA, JPA, SAML, SCA, SDO, SIP, Web 2.0, and XML.
Run the same amount of workloads on fewer servers by consolidating up to 30% of workloads utilizing EJB and Web services performance enhancing features.
Prevent costly security breach exposures with security domains that deliver granular & flexible control.
Dramatically increase development productivity with integrated tooling and unique backwards compatibility features that eliminate recoding.

WebSphere DataPower
WebSphere® DataPower SOA Appliances are a key element in IBM's holistic approach to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). These appliances are purpose-built, easy-to-deploy network devices to simplify, help secure, and accelerate your XML and Web services deployments.

WebSphere MQ
IBM® WebSphere® MQ can transport any type of data as messages, enabling businesses to build flexible, reusable architectures such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments. It works with a broad range of computing platforms, applications, web services and communications protocols for security-rich message delivery. WebSphere MQ provides a communications layer for visibility and control of the flow of messages and data inside and outside your organization.

IBM Worklight
IBM Worklight provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications Leveraging standards-based technologies and tools, the platform ships with a comprehensive development environment, mobile-optimized middleware, and an integrated management, and analytics console, supported by a variety of security mechanisms.
IBM Worklight enables the creation of rich, cross-platform apps without the use of code translation, proprietary interpreters or unpopular scripting languages, while reducing the time to market, cost and complexity of development and enabling a better user experiences across a variety of mobile devices.
IBM Worklight is part of the IBM Mobile Foundation family of products that provides the essential elements needed for complete mobile development, deployment and management within a business.

IBM Business Process Manager
Business Process Management (BPM) software and services from IBM help organizations optimize business performance by discovering, documenting, automating, and continuously improving business processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

WebSphere Operational Decision Management
IBM Operational Decision Manager integrates business events and business rules to automate decisions across processes and applications. It improves the quality of transaction and process-related decisions that are made repeatedly, determining the appropriate course of action for each customer, partner and internal interaction.
IBM Operational Decision Manager built on the success of ILOG JRules consists of two component sets, which together form a complete platform for managing and executing business rules and business events.

WebSphere Portal Server
IBM® WebSphere® Portal Server provides custom-branded, enterprise portal capabilities that help you deliver a highly-personalized, social experience for your customers. With WebSphere Portal Server, you can give customers a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need. WebSphere Portal Server helps you increase visitor response and reduce web operations costs.

IBM PureApplication System
IBM PureSystems combine the flexibility of general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload-fundamentally changing the experience and economics of IT.
With PureSystems, your staff will be able to focus on driving innovation for your business, instead of devising, testing and tuning custom integration solutions. PureSystems are built for cloud and "scale in" with integrated provisioning, elasticity and virtualisation that improves efficiency and reduces costs.
PureSystems are built for cloud with integrated elasticity and virtualisation capabilities to provision new services in minutes and improve business flexibility while reducing cost.

Core WebSphere Solutions:

Application Infrastructure
Build, deploy and run applications in a proven, secure and flexible environment.

Connectivity, Integration and SOA
Linking applications and services for operational efficiency and cost savings.

Mobile Development and Connectivity
Quickly and efficiently develop mobile apps that deliver rich user experiences.

Business Process Management
Optimize business performance by documenting, deploying and continuously improving end-to-end business processes.

Deliver a point of personalized interaction with applications, content, processes and people.

Mobile Management and Security
Gain visibility and control to enforce a mobile security strategy.

Software Solutions Provider