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SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions

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SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications enable you to leverage your CAD data throughout your organization and with suppliers and customers by creating ultra-lightweight, desktop friendly, product imagery and animations.

Renowned for its ease of use, the product suite is designed to reduce the costs of business. Find out how engineers and managers at Boeing, Spirit Aero, Northrop Grumman, Chrysler, Gulfstream, NASA, Sikorsky, Halliburton, Airbus, Joy Mining Machinery, and many, many more are improving their work-life and career prospects by using SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications to make communication easier and deliver greater profitability.

SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications (formerly Right Hemisphere’s ‘Deep’ software suite) enable you to leverage your CAD data throughout your organization by creating ultra-lightweight, desktop friendly, product imagery and animations. You control what metadata to include or exclude from the original CAD file given your specific requirements (ensuring you protect your IP) even as product deliverables such as Technical Publications, animated 3D Work Instructions, Photo-Realistic Marketing Imagery and more are created by downstream users and easily used in standard business applications.

Visually communicating complex product information derives various efficiencies which generate significant operational cost savings and other ‘soft’ benefits throughout your value chain. Efficiencies arise by enabling you to:

• Communicate complex product information quickly and efficiently throughout your organizational value chain and across knowledge and language barriers while protecting IP
• Translate between more than 130 CAD and image file types
• Combine product information from various sources by connecting your CAD, PLM & ERP systems

Engineering & Design :

• Reduce the number of product prototypes required.
• Improve your design review process with lightweight 3D markup tools.
• Engage other departments to create their own imagery freeing up engineers’ time for more important tasks.

Manufacturing & Quality :

• Create animated 3D Assembly Instructions which reduce errors and reduce time-to-manufacture while reducing time-to-train at the same time.
• Involve Manufacturing & Quality into the design process earlier and more effectively through rapid visual feedback.
• Deliver 3D Assembly Instructions via iPad, Android, or, Touch Screen.

Service & Support :

• Create animated 3D Service Instructions which reduce errors and time-to-maintain while reducing time-to-train at the same time.
• Reduce Technical Publication creation and maintenance costs.
• Publish Technical Publications and 3D Service Instructions to the point-of-work in the file type required via iPad, Android, or, Touch Screen.

Sales & Marketing :

• Easily create photo-realistic product imagery from 3D CAD data - eliminating the cost of prototypes and photo-shoots.
• Demonstrate your product and configurations on an iPad, Android tablet, or, Windows laptop.
• Embed 3D into PDF brochures, presentations, your website and more.

SAP Visual Enterprise AUTHOR 7.0

With SAP Visual Enterprise Author 7.0, existing CAD models are transformed into ultra-lightweight files ready to use in the authoring and publishing of 2D and 3D product graphics, a wide variety of documents, procedures and training curriculums. All of this can be created from a single Visual Enterprise Author model.
Now you can truly leverage your CAD models throughout your organization, from Engineering to Manufacturing, to Service and Support, to Marketing and Sales; your organization can reuse these Engineering assets without needing expensive CAD tools.
Today, design engineering teams are utilizing 2D and 3D CAD applications in combination with Product Data Management systems and various analysis tools to reduce prototyping, time to market and improve product quality in complex development projects.
Unfortunately, this highly valuable CAD data rarely sees its way to other functional areas of the business – instead, it stays locked in engineering systems. However, what if that content were made available to the rest of the organization without interrupting engineering to get it, or requiring knowledge and licensed access to their CAD systems? SAP Visual Enterprise AUTHOR 7.0 enables that content to be used throughout the organization and even into the supply chain and out to customers.


SAP Visual Enterprise AUTHOR 7.0 allows all departments to work together to create:
• Mark ups in ultra lightweight files to share easily by email and over the web.
• Line art for parts catalogs.
• Photo realistic images for web content and marketing brochures.
• Highly interactive 3D steps and animations for shop floor instructions.
Visual Design
Collaborate visually with design partners; both internal and external, to review even the largest and most complex assemblies, reducing mistakes, errors and costs.
Save your product development history in the one location, maintaining product manufacturing information and product knowledge for later reuse, and control of intellectual property.
Free up your design resource to concentrate on product development. Now you no longer require engineering resource or expensive and complex CAD tools to create support materials.


Visual Manufacturing
Increase efficiency on the shop floor with clear and easy to follow 3D step by step assembly instructions without expensive CAD licenses, workstations or large models.
Enable production engineers to create their own work instructions with accurate light weight 3D data, while maintaining original CAD integrity.
Improve the efficiency and quality of standard operating procedures and process documents by using the latest version of the component CAD files. Eliminate instances of out of date photos, instructions and processes.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Rendering Engine
Imagine all the capability SAP Visual Enterprise AUTHOR 7.0 provides you to author and publish visually rich documents, procedures, and media, complemented with the most powerful, easy to use HDR rendering technology. Now every technical document, every assembly or maintenance procedure, every marketing and web image can be quickly delivered with amazing photo realistic quality all from one CAD model. Designed for simplicity, the HDR rendering engine comes equipped with a standard library of studio and environment maps used to light each product model in photo-realistic and visually stunning reality.

Visual Sales & Marketing
Create more professional marketing images and material quickly, easily and without the need for expensive prototypes and outsourcing.
Enable non-engineering departments to generate content for product brochures, price lists and web content.
Sell your product before it has been made, by creating photo realistic images directly from the engineers CAD data. Update the images as the product develops.


Visual Service & Support
Create documents utilizing clear 3D lightweight models for service, support and maintenance items to service product effectively and efficiently.
Improve the efficiency and quality of Standard Operating Procedures and process documents by using the latest version of the component CAD files. No more out of date instructions and processes.
Train service personnel by utilizing an interactive, visual 3D environment.
Users can play animations, adjust model views, rotate the model, activate different viewing modes; change from a solid model to a technical illustration, create section views, control what associated meta data is visible and more.

Enhance Your Image
Present interactive, clear and concise 3D Models in Microsoft Office Applications such as Word and PowerPoint by embedding your SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions model as an object.

SAP Visual Enterprise VIEWER 7.0

View and Reuse 3-D Product Data from Every Desktop

The SAP® Visual Enterprise Viewer application lets you freely distribute sophisticated viewing, collaboration, publishing, and markup capabilities across your organization. All employees can access and leverage visually rich and highly interactive product data directly in such standard desktop formats as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. And they can handily republish to Adobe PDF, creating their own documents and presentations with the shared visual and interactive content.

In this age of information overload, a picture is worth well more than a thousand words. The addition of visual content clearly enhances communication, especially when you’re sharing complex concepts and processes. Add to conceptual complexity the challenge of presenting information in multiple languages in a global enterprise, and you’ll be even more grateful for visual content. With the SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer application, everyone who could benefit from viewing, publishing, and reusing 2-D and 3-D visual information to complete their own tasks can easily do so. Whether you’re using a laptop in accounting or a smartphone in the field, being able to see and copy the details in a CAD drawing, like the one in Figure below, is no longer a wish. It’s a reality. And all it takes is a lean software application running right on a user’s current machine – no new hardware required.

Reduce Potential Complexity to Push-Button Simplicity

Product information and other visual content can be produced, stored, and transferred in a number of proprietary formats these days. SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer enables the importing of over 45 industry-standard formats directly into business-user documents.

With SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer, you can display and interact with 2-D and 3-D graphics directly in the application, in Microsoft Office applications, or on the Web. You can, for example:
• Pull objects apart directly in a 3-D scene
• Display parts lists associated with a 3-D scene
• View multilevel bills of materials
• Display model views and portfolios
• Display part and assembly metadata
• Browse parts by means of a built-in metadata browser
• View cross-sections
• Change rendering modes
• Zoom, pan, and rotate
• Measure angles as well as arc centers, surfaces, edges, and other distances
• Add comments and redlining for effective thread-based collaboration
• Play back procedures and 3-D animations

From documents in Microsoft Office version 2007 and later, you can share published content outward as well. You can send e-mail messages with attached content from C++ program files and print any graphic directly on your desktop. And you can locally view 2-D and 3-D Web-based applications published by the SAP Visual Enterprise Author application or the SAP Visual Enterprise Generator application.

The SAP Visual Enterprise Navigator application

helps you produce extremely large, highperformance, 3-D models in stand-alone mode or when integrated with other applications. It creates streaming files that support flexible queries involving spatial relationships, metadata, and visual properties simultaneously. You can quickly examine multiple configurations at once and explore massive models for entire airplanes, ships, or manufacturing plants.

The SAP Visual Enterprise Generator application

serves on the front end as the automation engine of the visual enterprise, performing the heavy work of transforming massive engineering design files into ultralightweight visualizations of data. To support downstream processes, the application combines business data with highresolution imagery, dynamically creating complex graphics, media files, or documents.
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