Why Jamf?


Why Jamf?

* Zero-day support on Apple OS-releases and new features: Any new Apple release arrives; you are sure to have the support on all your macs using Jamf pro.

* Support: jamf support is really great, you get to work with the best minds in the industry who know about the technology and understands your support needs. 

* Jamf Nation: Outside of Apple, Jamf Nation is largest online Apple community with more than 50.000 IT admins. This community openly shares and help customers in their mobility vision.

* Apple management is 100% core business: Because Jamf specialises on Apple platform, you are able to maximise your investment on mac and other Apple devices. This is really important as you may find because of this exclusivity, Jamf provides you with a lot more feature benefits at a much deeper and granular level to do complete end to end mobility management on macs.

* Gartner Peer Insights review:  Jamf is number one in terms of peer review. 

* Jamf has a strong focus on End User Experience and User Enablement, including a Corporate App store called ’Self-service’. Self Service is really great as you empower end users to be extremely productive by simple to use self-help tools.

* For Mac, Jamf Pro offers an integrated deployment tool to create and deploy packages and scripts (i.e. DMG, PKG). 

* Jamf’s customer retention rate is 97%: We hope that once you are on-boarded as a partner, you would love the product as much as we do and build a solid ecosystem

* Jamf has a strong customer-focused approach, our sales/support ratio is 2:1: This is critical as support function is not a cost-centre but is one of the most important aspect that customers really value.

* Exceptional support and integration with Apple’s VPP and DEP (Now called Apple Business Manager or ABM) for “out of the box experience”: This saves so much time, money, effort, energy as all the devices are pre-configured with Jamf policies to be deployed for your users.

* Last but not least: most large Mac install bases are managed by Jamf: 19 out of top 25 from Fortune 500, 9 out of 10 largest US banks and 6 out 14 global EMM providers, including SAP, IBM and Cisco: This is a testament to the fact, Jamf is a de facto standard when it comes to managing macs and Apple dev

Sniper Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd –  Authorized Reseller of Jamf, a comprehensive enterprise management software for the Apple platform, simplifying IT management for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV. 

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