Uniting real-time 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for the first time


Uniting real-time 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for the first time

In this whitepaper, discover the top five ways the automotive industry is implementing real-time 3D in their operations and seeing trans formative results.

we teamed up with Atos Information Technology and PiXYZ to deliver a tour de force demonstration of how a Team center connection delivers real-time 3D efficiency by creating a lightweight CAD viewer. In addition, we used Light & Shadows’ Interact product to create a VR assembly training guide. 

Each company brings leading capabilities to the table:

  • Atos has long experience with PLM systems and a deep understanding of the Teamcenter platform.
  • PiXYZ provides the world’s best tools for bringing CAD data into real-time 3D.
  • Unity is the world’s most widely used real-time 3D development platform.
  • Light & Shadows publishes Interact, a Unity plugin that supports drag-and-drop creation of interactive 3D experiences.

The demo shows a configurable extraction tool embedded in Teamcenter, allowing users to easily and quickly extract 3D geometry and metadata to create real-time experiences using Unity. This data can then be exported as optimized 3D files in FBX, USD, or GLB format; Unity native assets such as prefabs or asset bundles; and Unity runtime apps targeting any supported platform. On the surface, these workflows aren’t very different from those used by many creators in the industry. Look beneath the surface, however, and the importance of the demo becomes much clearer.

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