Speed up mobile iteration with the new Device Simulator


Speed up mobile iteration with the new Device Simulator

That’s why we created a new Device Simulator, which enables you to preview the behaviors and physical characteristics of different devices. This allows game code run in the Editor to match what runs on a real device much more closely. You can now preview specific resolutions and notch/cutout layouts in the Game View, as well as preview device-specific customizations such as selected quality settings based on device info like RAM, chipset, etc.

Overview of the Device Simulator

The Device Simulator includes the following features:

  • An extended Game View, which allows you to turn Simulation Mode on and off and to select devices
  • An extensible device database that stores the device and phone configurations and characteristics that will drive API shims’ return values
  • API shims that return device-specific API’s results (screen resolution, device model, orientation, etc.) when used in Editor Play Mode learn more

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