Auto Number in AutoCAD: Tuesday Tips With Brandon


Auto Number in AutoCAD: Tuesday Tips With Brandon

We’ll be taking a look at a hidden gem of a tool that’s available in the Express Tools ribbon tab of AutoCAD.

As I’ve mentioned in previous Tuesday Tips articles, I like to share tools and tips that tend to be less known or underutilized but can still provide a boost to your productivity and workflow. Today, I want to highlight another Express Tool that can come in handy no matter what type of drafting or design you do—Auto Number. As the name implies the Auto Number command allows you to automatically add a number to selected labels or text within a drawing.

I’m going to show you how Auto Numbering can be used to quickly create numbered callouts or to renumber existing callouts within a drawing. (Be sure to check out my YouTube video at the end for a first-hand demonstration!) Auto Numbering is something that many of us could use to speed up drawing production and add to our daily workflows. Learn more

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