Customizing Snaps Prototype assets with ProBuilder


Customizing Snaps Prototype assets with ProBuilder

Snaps Prototypes are modular prototyping assets created entirely with Unity’s ProBuilder 3D modeling package. They are designed to snap to a grid using the ProGrids system. Built to real-world scale, they make it easy for both novice and intermediate-level designers to lay out game environments. You can substitute the prototype assets with high-detail art assets later.

Several Snaps asset packs, with different themes, are currently available on the Asset Store. Check back for more soon. We want you to be able to prototype anything.

These low-polygon assets are designed to simplify level prototyping by making it modular. You have full control over how you use them. This can save you a lot of time as you no longer need to create your own 3D assets or use external digital content-creation tools to modify them.

The assets are lightweight and do not contain any textures. Instead, parts of the meshes have different materials assigned to the topology. However, they are UV unwrapped, making it easy for you to texture them if you wish to do so. Alternatively, after getting your level layout in place, you can replace Snaps Prototype assets with highly detailed meshes of your own. Learn more

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