Jamf Now helps housing authority manage their properties


Jamf Now helps housing authority manage their properties

Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) is the housing authority for the City of Boulder and is continuously working to create more affordable housing options for the city. A noble task. As trends in property advancement evolve, BHP is not only finding a way to succeed but continuing to thrive and grow.

In fact, Boulder Housing Partners was growing so much that they were struggling to keep up with the management tasks that came with all of their properties – even with their one hundred staff members. The process for maintenance tickets was manual and quickly becoming unorganized. Things were at risk for falling through the cracks or were taking a while to prioritize, and a change needed to happen.

Read how Tad Amore, BHP’s director of IT, used Apple devices to support his team with the tools they needed, no matter which property they were at, and how Jamf Now helped solve the challenges that arose when implementing a large scale, device plan. Learn more

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