Introducing Jamf Pro 10.16


Introducing Jamf Pro 10.16

With the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) just a few weeks away, we’re excited to be launching our final Jamf Pro update before the big event. Today, Jamf Pro 10.16 is generally available!

2019 has been a year of doubling-down on our support for education institutions and end-user privacy. This new release takes our education-specific functionality to new heights, evolves our support for User Enrollment, and adds the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of a DigiCert certificate.

Enhancements for education

We have made a number of significant investments in how we serve education institutions this year. To continue that work, we are improving the Teacher App Request workflow so that administrators can customize the form design, allowing them to more precisely gather needed information from teachers as the request is being filled out.

For educators, this will make their app request process more tailored to their organization’s needs and help cut down on unnecessary information collection. That means less time spent filling out forms and more time to invest in their students and classes. Read More

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