What is Jamf Parent?


What is Jamf Parent?

Sometimes, technology can leave parents feeling out of touch and a little helpless. Already busy parents can be anxious about the devices their children use at school, and of course all parents want to keep their kids safe while online.

If your school uses Jamf Pro or Jamf School to manage your devices, you now have the power to give parents peace of mind by empowering them with visibility and management of their children’s school-owned devices.

The free Jamf Parent iOS app empowers parents to manage their children’s school-issued devices, if they’re managed with Jamf Pro or Jamf School.

Want to restrict the apps your kid has access to? No problem. How about social media? How about what time of the day your child uses it?

Done and done.

Now, parents can use a simple and intuitive interface to schedule homework and bedtimes as distraction-free zones, and with Jamf School, can even receive notifications when their children arrive at school or at home with their devices — and even turn off apps when a student is riding a bike or walking to and from school through traffic. Read more

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