MDM migration in 8 easy steps


MDM migration in 8 easy steps

The other day I had a client who wanted to move from one mobile device management (MDM) solution to another.

About a year ago I did the same thing when I moved from AirWatch to Jamf. This client was moving from one Jamf Cloud to another Jamf Cloud.

In this guide, I will show you a process on how to move from one MDM to Jamf MDM with a pretty seamless experience.

Step 5. Go through every configuration profile in the old MDM and add this static group as an exclusion.

Use Caution: When devices are added to this group it will remove all MDM settings from devices.

Devices will lose all configuration settings set via MDM, such as Wi-Fi, VPN, approved kernel extensions, etc.

If possible give as much time for this to process through, so if devices are powered off they can get this policy.

Pro Tip: This will remove the MDM profile so that they don’t get stuck on the device when you enroll in the new MDM. If this happens, you have to unenroll the device from the new MDM to remove theses old profiles. Read More

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