Month: November 2019


What is your Apple Fleet Worth to you?

Many JNUC conversations are about device provisioning and on-boarding, but as Jamf Admins see their deployments grow every year, a new topic is growing in importance: fleet device refresh and asset disposition. At JNUC 2019, Diamond Assets and Millard School District shared the benefits they have seen operationally and instructionally from professionally managed buyback programs. […]


Challenging the norm to enhance employee experience

When five friends came together in 1972 to create real-time, standardized software to redesign how companies operate, they didn’t know their effort would eventually build SAP: the market leader in enterprise application software. At more than 90,000 employees in 140+ countries, SAP continues to innovate with their original vision in mind: to create opportunities for […]


Object and Layer Transparency: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, you can adjust the transparency value of any type of object including text, lines, images and hatching. Transparency is controlled in the properties of selected objects and can also be set to a default value for new objects. Transparency effects can be used to enhance your drawings in a variety of ways, for example, […]


Achieving theater-quality anime with Unity

Graphinica, Inc. has been producing 2D and 3D animation projects for more than a decade, handling most of the production in-house. This September, the studio released the animated film HELLO WORLD to theaters across Japan. The majority of the film was made using traditional pre-rendering techniques, although the studio also used Unity tools to create backgrounds for scenes where the […]


SpotWorks Studio: Viceroy Outdoor Restaurant

Established in 2013, SpotWorks is a creative studio that specializes in high-end 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore. As an ISO 9002 certified company, we ensure that all our renderings meet the highest quality requirements for execution and delivery. Over 200 prominent architects, designers, property developers and agencies in 37 countries globally have expressed satisfaction […]

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