Inside the Factory: Committed to the growth of 3ds Max


Inside the Factory: Committed to the growth of 3ds Max

Understanding how people are using 3ds Max

We spent 2.5 days having in-depth conversations about 3ds Max, with the goal of better understanding our customers’ workflows, pain-points, and desired improvements. We had many in-depth discussions, facilitated using “Human-Centered-Design” brainstorming techniques to surface issues that may not be readily apparent. With our customers’ help, we were able to identify the most suitable solutions for their needs.

The attendees were all what we consider a “3ds Max power user” – industry veterans who make their living creating content with 3ds Max. They know the ins and outs of the software, and they’ve got lots of opinions on how we can better improve their workflows.

A cross-industry tool

One of the benefits for the attendees was that they got to see how their workflows were similar, despite being in very different industries. In a few instances, they’d conclude that they all needed the same things, whether it was better UV’s or more collaborative workflows, for example. Read More

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