Jamf Now Custom Profiles: Common Uses


Jamf Now Custom Profiles: Common Uses

This year Jamf Now rolled out the ability to deploy Custom Profiles as the latest feature of the Jamf Now Plus plan, opening up an array of possibilities to customize the management of Apple devices to fit every team’s exact needs.

Our webinar, Creating Custom Profiles, generated a lot of interest from Jamf Now users excited to learn about how they can do more with Jamf Now and the Jamf Now Plus plan. Because of this, we want to satisfy people’s interest and curiosity around the Custom Profiles feature by sharing some information around common uses (so far), creating a custom profile, and answers to some of the most frequent questions we have received.

What is the Custom Profiles feature for?

Custom Profiles allows users to create a custom profile, upload it to Jamf Now, attach it to a Blueprint and deploy to all devices associated with that Blueprint. For all of the admins that have had the need for a more detailed profile or a team with a more specific use case, Custom Profiles provides the ability to create that unique configuration for Mac, iPad and iPhone in addition to the current configuration options within Jamf Now. Read More

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