Bifcmd, Bifrost Engine and Bifrost Compute Jobs Explained

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Bifcmd, Bifrost Engine and Bifrost Compute Jobs Explained

Bifrost is a portable visual programming environment that runs in Maya as a plugin – allowing you to create state of the art simulations, procedural effects, and generally use visual programming to build new tools and workflows in Maya. However, it is not just a Maya plugin.Being a portable visual programming environment, it can also be used in a variety of other contexts. In addition to Maya (including Maya batch and MayaPy command-line contexts), there’s also the Bifrost Arnold procedural which allows you to run Bifrost in standalone Arnold, and the Bifrost command-line tool, also known as bifcmd, which makes it possible to run Bifrost graphs standalone from the command line.

Bifrost use cases are extremely open-ended. It can be used in any part of the production process such as character rigs, render-time procedurals, scattering and instancing setups, simulation and more – and all of it in Maya, at render time, or on the command-line.

Since you have either 3 or 15 Bifrost instances per license, this is enough for each user of the most basic package to use Bifrost in Maya, do a standalone Arnold render (if Arnold licenses are available), and run a simulation from the command-line using the Bifrost command-line tool simultaneously. In short, we don’t want you to be limited by the number of Bifrost instances you have. Read more

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