Take aim at making your first Unity game


Take aim at making your first Unity game

When you download Unity for the first time, this self-guided learning path invites you to discover Unity’s tools for unleashing your creativity at your own speed via a collection of Microgames and tutorials to modify your game called “Mods.” (If you’re not a first-time user but curious about the Microgames, you can find them in the Learn tab of the Unity Hub v2.1.3+.) These fully customizable, already-working Microgames come with both easy-to-follow in-Editor tutorials and an extended series of Mods teaching you how to customize them further. You can keep track of your progress with the Microgames and Mods by following the Getting Started with Unity Course on Unity Learn, which is designed to make Unity fun and accessible for new users. So far, we’ve created customizable 2D Platformer and 3D Karting Microgames, and we’re thrilled to add the new 3D first-person shooter to the mix.

Out of the box, the FPS Microgame comes with a playable scene that includes a linear pathway through three rooms, where one enemy bot and one boss bot are waiting to attack any player who comes through. The In-Editor Tutorials visually highlight how to do things like build a new level, change a scene’s colors, and add more enemy bots. Read More

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