Apple Business Manager adds federated authentication


Apple Business Manager adds federated authentication

Apple Business Manager is one of the most powerful services available to IT admins deploying and managing Apple at scale, and recently it got even better with support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)!

Last week, Apple announced that Apple Business Manager was adding support for federated authentication with Azure AD. It was a huge announcement and something that anyone running Azure AD will want to take a look at.

Federated authentication was previously available for Apple School Manager and was even in beta for Apple Business Manager but this is the first time it is fully available for users on either service.

Identity by Azure Active Directory

Over the years, many IT teams have made significant investments in their Azure Active Directory service, Microsoft’s identity system that allows organizations to maintain a “source of truth” for all users. If your organization is in the same boat, you will know how important it is to continue leveraging that infrastructure while also modernizing your deployment plan.

With Apple Business Manager support, you are now able to easily integrate your existing Azure AD credentials into your device setup process. Additionally, the integration is nearly invisible. Azure AD is able to verify a user directly within the native setup steps. Read More

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