Pre-stage enrollments with Jamf Pro and JumpCloud


Pre-stage enrollments with Jamf Pro and JumpCloud

Pre-stage enrollments with Jamf Pro and JumpCloud help you create “Pre-stage Magic”.

Magic is a funny term here but remember Clarkes’ 3rd Law — any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic — that’s how JumpCloud likes to think of this beautiful workflow to save time onboarding new employees.

The “Magic” or advanced technology in play? Just-in-time provisioned user accounts. JumpCloud can create the end-user account “just-in-time” during new employee onboarding and provide access to the right settings and apps, right from opening the box — this is done with JumpCloud and Jamf Pro working seamlessly together.

Jamf and JumpCloud want to free up IT’s time to focus on more important projects than onboarding a new machine — more strategy engagement through advanced automation,

The benefits of just-in-time user provisioning:

  • True zero-touch, self-service new user onboarding
  • Get the absolute most out of Apple Business Manager and mobile device management (MDM)
  • Eliminate the commodity workload of IT-led onboarding
  • Gives the illusion of full ownership and control to the user

Tools needed to bring this to reality:

  • Apple Business Manager
  • An MDM with pre-stage enrollment: Jamf Pro
  • A jumpcloud directory
  • A configured JumpCloud script file
  • A packaging tool: Composer
  • An Apple enterprise developer account is required for package signing Read More

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