Tales from the Optimization Trenches


Tales from the Optimization Trenches

At Unite Copenhagen 2019 I presented a session titled ‘Tales From the Optimization Trenches’. My intention was to help intermediate Unity users who might have already seen advice from our Best practice guides, but lack the practical knowledge required in order to diagnose and resolve other performance issues on their own by using profiling and analysis tools.

My talk covers:

  • An overview of the Developer Relations Engineer role and our core activity: delivering Project Reviews.
  • An introduction to optimization and profiling.
  • Three separate sections on CPU, GPU, and memory footprint optimization, each one of them featuring two practical examples based on real issues we’ve seen in the field, along with a breakdown of the tools and techniques we used to overcome them.
  • A series of general optimization rules.
  • Q&A.

You can find the video below and the accompanying slides here.

There wasn’t enough time to cover everything, and I’ve had some great follow-up discussions with Unite attendees that aren’t captured in the video, so I wrote this blog post to share all of this extra material with you. Still, I highly recommend that you watch the video first. Read More

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