A complete rollout in five days? Believe it.


A complete rollout in five days? Believe it.

If you’ve had trouble getting your entire user base to take an action, raise your hand …

If your hand is still down, you may be Skylar Damiano.

On his journey to secure SOC 2 compliance, Skylar Damiano, a systems administrator specializing in Mac Management and single sign-on (SSO), was challenged with getting his user base to take certain actions to better secure their devices and grant the IT department (just Damiano at the time) the visibility they needed for proper management. Being from ActiveCampaign, a MarTech company with marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) tools, Damiano created a very unique workflow to automate and track his success using their in-house solutions— along with several other tools from their tech stack.

Rolling out Okta to the company

The first task Damiano talked about at his JNUC 2019 presentation was rolling out Okta, their SSO solution, to the entire company (about 350 employees at the time). Once everything was set up on the backend, users would just have to activate their Okta by clicking a link and creating a password. Not a hard task to accomplish, but difficult to get 100% participation from a user base of that size.

Damiano realized how important communication was for ensuring participation, so he turned to ActiveCampaign to send his emails based on a series of triggers and employee data. Not only would the relevant, timely communication ensure a solid user experience and build trust with his user base, but sending emails out through a marketing automation tool automatically tracks the open and click information, which made it easy for Damiano to get detailed reporting on who has completed the activation or not. Read More

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