Microsoft and Jamf: Better together


Microsoft and Jamf: Better together

Imagine if you could verify several conditions before you let someone into your house. You could not only give someone a key, but see their face, hear their voice, see the environment around them, verify your house is clean before opening the door. Conditional Access provides this level of security before someone joins your network or accesses your data.

Fresh off their experience at Microsoft Ignite, Neil Johnson (Principal Program Manager, Microsoft) and Arnab Biswas (Program Manager, Microsoft) hopped into a Jamf Nation User Conference 2019 session to share the history, current state and future plans for Conditional Access with Jamf Pro.

If you are new to the idea of Conditional Access, the idea is simple. Users are no longer tied to their networks by ethernet cables. This creates a new challenge for IT Admins to ensure devices are secure and only authorized users have access to important company data. Read more

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