Achieving theater-quality anime with Unity


Achieving theater-quality anime with Unity

Graphinica, Inc. has been producing 2D and 3D animation projects for more than a decade, handling most of the production in-house. This September, the studio released the animated film HELLO WORLD to theaters across Japan.

The majority of the film was made using traditional pre-rendering techniques, although the studio also used Unity tools to create backgrounds for scenes where the main character dives into a virtual space. This enabled the animation team to iterate faster, according to Nao Hirasawa, Graphinica’s managing director. “The speedy trial-and-error enabled by real-time rendering software is indispensable for meeting increasing consumer demand for high-quality films delivered in a timely fashion.” 

Even before the film was released, the team wondered whether they could use Unity’s real-time tools for more challenging scenes involving extremely complicated rigs, cinema-quality high meshes, and precisely controlled shadows, while still achieving the same theatrical quality. Read more

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