APNS and MDM: A technical update


APNS and MDM: A technical update

Brad Chapman, a Jamf Certified Expert and veteran systems engineer, has supported mixed Mac/PC environments in multiple industries for more than 10 years. He works on a team of engineers managing more than 10,000 Macs and more than 40,000 PCs. He delivered this advanced-level presentation for “elite Mac admins” covering how APNs enable MDM, how MDM enables great experiences with Apple — and why you should care.

His movie-spoofing introduction left audience members in stitches, using Blade Runner-style scrolling text on the screen to introduce the main themes and styling Mac Admins as JAMF RUNNERS: part of a highly-trained, elite force searching out rogue devices. “This was not called policy execution,” read the ominous declaration, “it was called compliance.”

While this was all in fun, Chapman’s message was all business: Apple push notifications have become absolutely essential for effective device deployment. And management strategies depend on them being able to communicate with APNS. Read more

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