How to investigate and manage your SaaS situation


How to investigate and manage your SaaS situation

Apple administrators can’t afford to ignore employee-driven SaaS products anymore – even if they’re free. 80% of the typical organization’s tech stack will be made up of SaaS by 2022. That’s quite a bit of Shadow IT. When you consider the snowball effect, that means the average 300-person company has three times more SaaS in use by employees than IT knows about.

SaaS sprawl in cloud-first apps can be a bit scary. More and more decentralized decision-making from the bottom up instead of top down can be worrying from a compliance and cost-containment point of view. But IT doesn’t need to squash it, said Erin Merchant, Workplace Tech Success Manager, Envoy, and Barak Kaufman, Co-founder and CEO, Intello at a recent panel during the 2019 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC). As a matter of fact, it’s possible for IT to use SaaS to their advantage.

Remember: ITs role is to empower people to use decentralized purchasing in a compliant and secure way, and to use those insights for making purchasing decisions — not to control everyone’s usage indiscriminately. Read More

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