Introducing Asset Store Mega Bundles featuring Synty Studios


Introducing Asset Store Mega Bundles featuring Synty Studios

The 3D designers behind Synty Studios are living the dream: creating cool content, helping game devs get stuff done, and enjoying the freedom of working for themselves. They started publishing on the Asset Store in 2014 when co-founders and 3D artists Mike Clephane and Andrew Stairs launched the Simple Town cartoon asset pack, a blocky modular city designed for fast and easy prototyping and game design. 

“We both had full-time gigs, but really wanted to have more freedom, whether it would be getting more funding to work on our own personal projects or just being able to eventually get freedom from the corporate life,” says Mike. “Within a few years as asset publishers, Andrew and I were able to quit our day jobs and go full time at Synty Studios. It was always a dream – but with the Asset store, we were able to make it into a reality. It’s been a hell of a ride.” 

Today, the small New Zealand-based team has a whopping 78 packages on the Unity Asset Store, each with built-in storytelling potential. Read More

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