XR Interaction Toolkit Preview Package is here


XR Interaction Toolkit Preview Package is here

We are excited to share the initial Preview release of the XR Interaction Toolkit, available as a package for Unity 2019.3. This toolkit provides a set of components to enable users to build interactive and immersive experiences quickly and easily. Our goal is to enable common augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) interactions without the need to write code, while still making the system extensible for developers who wish to create their own interactions. Additionally, we’re excited to share that it is compatible with all of our supported AR and VR platforms. 

Object interactions (AR & VR)

The XR Interaction Toolkit provides the means to hover over, select, grab (directly or from a distance), throw, and rotate objects within a VR scene. The same interactions are compatible with AR as well when used alongside AR Foundation. Additionally, the toolkit supports tap, drag, pinch, and zoom for interacting with AR objects in the world.

Object placement (AR)

We also provide the means for automatic content creation in AR, allowing for placement and scaling of 3D objects in the world. AR annotations are also supported to display information to users about placed AR objects and possible interactions. Read More

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