Crafting woodworking projects with Johnny Brooke


Crafting woodworking projects with Johnny Brooke

Meet YouTube-extraordinaire and woodworking expert, Johnny Brooke. He runs his own YouTube channelInstagram account, and website, called Crafted Workshop, focused on creating how-to videos on woodworking, DIY and home improvement. He started woodworking about four years ago when he moved into a new house and needed some furniture. He decided to document his build process and the rest is history!

What does a day in the life of Johnny Brooke look like?  

Things tend to be pretty hectic around here, since I try to publish 3-4 videos each month. That means I need to design and build 3-4 finished projects per month, film them being built, edit the footage together into a polished video, then get the video posted to YouTube. After it’s live on YouTube, I need to promote the project on social media and get it up on my website. Oh yea, and produce a set of plans for the project! It’s a lot of work, but it is absolutely worth it, as it enables me to work for myself doing what I love. 

As far as specific project types, for me, every project I build needs to make a good video, first and foremost. That can definitely be a limiting factor sometimes! In general, I try to build things we need around our house, and usually those include furniture pieces, cabinetry, or home improvement projects. My wife and I moved into a new house earlier this year and it has provided a long list of new project ideas, which is great for me.  Read More

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