Workplace furniture design, the Danish way


Workplace furniture design, the Danish way

Ten years ago, Icons of Denmark established itself as a distributor of Danish furniture for the U.K. market. Since then, owner Jesper Jensen has been hard at work evolving from a representative of Danish design to a creator of it. Through a unique market-led approach, the Icons of Denmark team is bringing Danish design to the modern office…one sleek sofa at a time.

Tell us about Icons of Denmark’s background.

Icons of Denmark started as quite a traditional furniture agency, representing Danish furniture brands for the U.K. market. We’ve always had a hands-on approach to representing furniture and pride ourselves on being very knowledgeable about our products. We have a high level of technical know-how for how the furniture can be used, what sorts of applications the furniture has, and certain activities in an office where the furniture has relevance.

That approach led us into product design and manufacturing. We’ve taken what we’ve learned in the market and now work with Danish designers to come up with new furniture for the modern office. Our projects are primarily large-scale commercial projects. Read more

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