2020 tech predictions from Jamf CEO


2020 tech predictions from Jamf CEO

The one-time vision of managing all “endpoints” the same through a unified endpoint management (UEM) model is transforming into how IT organizations can get the most out of the “ecosystem” — Microsoft, Google or Apple. This modern approach not only streamlines workflows for IT but provides the best experience for each and every user.

While many research firms (for many years) have proclaimed UEM as the future of device management, their projections have not come close to fruition. Case in point, Gartner now believes UEM is three to five years away for most organizations — something that was also predicted three to five years ago.

Chris Silva, research vice president at Gartner, told Computerworld this is due to the complexity in updating staff skills and business processes in preparing technology for deployment in a UEM model. Silva added that many Gartner clients are tapping the brakes on their move to UEM.

And the data supports this.

“The vast majority of companies are still using multiple management platforms, with less than 5% actually using UEM,” said Andrew Hewitt, Forrester Research analyst.

I’ll go one step further. Organizations are not simply tapping the brakes. They are slamming on them. Or better yet, many never hit the gas in the first place.

Microsoft, Google and Apple are all focused on their own ecosystems and building solutions for their own hardware. And every year, each ecosystem adds to their solutions and cloud-communication protocols to best manage and empower users to leverage their devices. Read More

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