Introducing Jamf Pro 10.18


Introducing Jamf Pro 10.18

New year, new Jamf Pro!

With new product lines and major enhancements to Jamf Pro, 2019 was a banner year for Jamf and our customers. Just a few days into 2020, we’re excited to already be introducing a new version of Jamf Pro that will improve the enrollment experience for your end users — and add powerful new functionality for administrators.

Top Three Features in Jamf Pro 10.18

Integrate Jamf Pro & Jamf Connect

With a full technical integration, the market’s leading solutions for device and access management has never been smoother! We’re thrilled to unveil integration of Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect.

This integration is significant for anyone wanting to streamline management of Pro and Connect while supercharging the experience for end users. Read More

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