Understanding Lifetime Value and using it to grow your game


Understanding Lifetime Value and using it to grow your game

If you can optimize your game to focus on retaining your players over the long term, you will easily scale your growth. Growing your game these days can be incredibly daunting; with millions of other games out there, it’s a challenge to stand out and combat the competition in the various app stores. But if you focus on getting your LTV to a good level, you’ll be able to acquire users at scale more smoothly with the assurance that your game will bring in a steady profit. 

The first step to increasing your LTV and guaranteeing the long-term success of your game is to segment your players. In doing so, you’ll be able to better analyze their defining characteristics and identify the factors that contribute to the way they interact with your game. Different groups have different behaviors, and figuring out these behaviors will help you learn how to better serve their needs. Managing all of these factors within the process of developing and releasing your game will ensure greater profits and returns for your game in the long run. Read More

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