Top 10 moments from JNUC


Top 10 moments from JNUC

Everyone likes a top 10 list, right? Especially when it’s about helping you get better at you do best: leverage IT tools to empower end users. And each and every Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) is about doing just that.

Let’s dive into 10 highlights from November’s JNUC.

1. Say hello to Jamf Protect

Following the acquisition of Digita Security, Jamf Protect was officially launched during the opening JNUC 2019 Keynote. Jamf Protect is an enterprise endpoint protection solution purpose-built for Mac. Leveraging native Apple security tools and on-device analysis of macOS activity, Jamf Protect creates customized telemetry that gives enterprise security teams unparalleled visibility into their macOS fleet and the ability to respond and block identified threats.Request TrialLearn MoreWatch Demo

2. Say goodbye to passwords

Jamf Connect for mobile will allow users to use their iPhone to log into their Mac or Windows computer without requiring a password. This completely streamlines the user experience when it comes to provisioning and signing into a device to gain access to corporate resources through a single identity.

Jamf Connect for mobile and passwordless authentication is coming in early 2020.

In the meantime, watch this session from Joel Rennich, Jamf Connect product director, to see the process in action. Read More

Sniper systems is jamf Reseller in Pune

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