Utilizing 3D modeling in top feature films for Marvel, Disney, and Universal


Utilizing 3D modeling in top feature films for Marvel, Disney, and Universal

What’s your background in the film industry?

I knew I wanted to work in film from a very young age. At school, I had some fantastic teachers who encouraged me and built up my confidence. Inspired, I went on to study at Bournemouth Arts Institute. I started with foundation courses in Art and Design and a National Diploma in Audio Visual Production, finally settling on a Film Production Degree specializing in Art Direction.  

After graduating, I moved to London despite having little or no industry contacts. All the major UK studios are located around the outskirts of the city. The handful of contacts I did have were from visiting lecturers I’d met whilst studying. Through one of them, I got my first break working on a small show called “Sugar Rush” where I was hired as an Art Department Assistant. I continued doing a few TV jobs until getting my first feature film break on “Elizabeth: The Golden Age”. This is where I first discovered SketchUp. 

After you discovered SketchUp, how did you get started and where did it take you?

I learned to draft scenery by hand on huge A0 size drawing boards, the proper old school production technique. CAD programs were becoming more prevalent and the industry was slowly embracing it. However, I was not really a fan of CAD drawing as it felt so constricting.

When a colleague recommended SketchUp, I started experimenting with it to figure out how I could use it in my workflow and I quickly caught on. I finally made the decision to move from drafting on boards to doing everything in SketchUp and LayOut after a few years of testing the waters. 

Fast forward to today, I am an Art Director on major feature films and have worked for clients such as Marvel, Disney, and Universal. As an Art Director, it is my job to take the production designers’ creations and turn them into a constructible set and location builds. I typically create the sets in SketchUp and collaborators can work off that model. Being able to work in SketchUp has created a niche for me in the UK market, so I often get approached when people have questions on how to use the program in their workflow. Read More

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