What’s your SketchUp resolution for 2020?


What’s your SketchUp resolution for 2020?

It’s the time of the year when people start prepping for the new year with resolutions and goals. So, keeping with the theme, we decided to poll everyone at the SketchUp office to see what they wanted to get better at in 2020. Here’s what some of the folks in the office listed as their SketchUp resolutions:

“I want to 3D print something!” – Allison, Marketing

We have a feeling she isn’t the only one that wants to start doing some 3D printing. We recommend starting small by 3D printing Lego bunk beds

“Learn how to use Sefaira.” – Casey, Project Spectrum

With Sefaira, you can analyze energy use, daylighting, occupant thermal comfort, and HVAC system sizing during conceptual and schematic design. You can use it as a plugin in SketchUp Pro or as a stand-alone app. If you are like Casey and want to get better, we have just the solution: a getting started tutorial

“Expand on creating simple, low-poly models and render them in tools like V-Ray and Twinmotion.” – Jakub, 3D Warehouse

Rendering is an awesome way to show some more real-life aspects to a model. Check out SketchUp School’s video on V-Ray for SketchUp: How to Create a Photorealistic Interior Rendering (7 Tips for Beginners).

“Learn how to use LayOut more.” – Lisanne, Customer Support

LayOut can be an extremely powerful tool in your 3D design toolbox, allowing you to create presentation-ready graphics and detailed drawings. If you are new to LayOut, check out our 6-part SketchUp Campus tutorial. Read More

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