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Autodesk – Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment Collection includes all of the tools you need to build a powerful and scalable 3D animation pipeline for complex simulations, effects and rendering.

  • From detailed battle sequences to hyper-realistic creatures, render your toughest projects with Arnold
  • Create complex effects including explosions, fire, sand, and snow with Bifrost for Maya
  • Empower artists with a choice of tools to produce beautiful, film-quality work every time
  • Maya, 3ds Max, Arnold, Motion Builder, Autodesk Rendering
  • Sniper being your Service provider you can go for an extra milestone.
  • Projects delivered on Time and work more efficiently.
  • The touching base of new avenues with sniper. (2D/3D/BIM Model/AR/VR).
  • Add-on Resource solution for reaching the extra mile.
  • Focusing on multiple Revenues.

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