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Pre-stage enrollments with Jamf Pro and JumpCloud

Pre-stage enrollments with Jamf Pro and JumpCloud help you create “Pre-stage Magic”. Magic is a funny term here but remember Clarkes’ 3rd Law — any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic — that’s how JumpCloud likes to think of this beautiful workflow to save time onboarding new employees. The “Magic” or advanced technology in […]


Apple Business Manager adds federated authentication

Apple Business Manager is one of the most powerful services available to IT admins deploying and managing Apple at scale, and recently it got even better with support for Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)! Last week, Apple announced that Apple Business Manager was adding support for federated authentication with Azure AD. It was a huge announcement and […]

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Bifcmd, Bifrost Engine and Bifrost Compute Jobs Explained

Bifrost is a portable visual programming environment that runs in Maya as a plugin – allowing you to create state of the art simulations, procedural effects, and generally use visual programming to build new tools and workflows in Maya. However, it is not just a Maya plugin.Being a portable visual programming environment, it can also be used […]


Inside the Factory: Committed to the growth of 3ds Max

Understanding how people are using 3ds Max We spent 2.5 days having in-depth conversations about 3ds Max, with the goal of better understanding our customers’ workflows, pain-points, and desired improvements. We had many in-depth discussions, facilitated using “Human-Centered-Design” brainstorming techniques to surface issues that may not be readily apparent. With our customers’ help, we were […]

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