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Object and Layer Transparency: Exploring the Features and Benefits of AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, you can adjust the transparency value of any type of object including text, lines, images and hatching. Transparency is controlled in the properties of selected objects and can also be set to a default value for new objects. Transparency effects can be used to enhance your drawings in a variety of ways, for example, […]


SpotWorks Studio: Viceroy Outdoor Restaurant

Established in 2013, SpotWorks is a creative studio that specializes in high-end 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore. As an ISO 9002 certified company, we ensure that all our renderings meet the highest quality requirements for execution and delivery. Over 200 prominent architects, designers, property developers and agencies in 37 countries globally have expressed satisfaction […]


App Relieves the Pain of Repetitive AutoCAD Polylines and Splines

Finding yourself repeatedly creating AutoCAD polylines and splines over and over again? There’s actually an app to speed up the process. Available on the Autodesk App Store as a free download, Cadgen Quick Polyline will generate normal polylines and splines created on active layers using your active property settings. “On a large-scale drawing with hundreds of blocks that all need interconnecting paths shown, […]


What’s New in AutoCAD 2020? Quick Measure -Sniperindia

Welcome to the first entry of the “What’s New in AutoCAD 2020” series! Last week, we were thrilled to introduce AutoCAD2020’s powerful and innovative functionality. In this series, we’ll be diving into a few of the new features of AutoCAD 2020 and AutoCAD LT 2020—starting with the time-saving Quick Measure tool. In AutoCAD 2020, measuring distances is […]

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Bifcmd, Bifrost Engine and Bifrost Compute Jobs Explained

Bifrost is a portable visual programming environment that runs in Maya as a plugin – allowing you to create state of the art simulations, procedural effects, and generally use visual programming to build new tools and workflows in Maya. However, it is not just a Maya plugin.Being a portable visual programming environment, it can also be used […]

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