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What is your Apple Fleet Worth to you?

Many JNUC conversations are about device provisioning and on-boarding, but as Jamf Admins see their deployments grow every year, a new topic is growing in importance: fleet device refresh and asset disposition. At JNUC 2019, Diamond Assets and Millard School District shared the benefits they have seen operationally and instructionally from professionally managed buyback programs. […]


Challenging the norm to enhance employee experience

When five friends came together in 1972 to create real-time, standardized software to redesign how companies operate, they didn’t know their effort would eventually build SAP: the market leader in enterprise application software. At more than 90,000 employees in 140+ countries, SAP continues to innovate with their original vision in mind: to create opportunities for […]


Pre-stage enrollments with Jamf Pro and JumpCloud

Pre-stage enrollments with Jamf Pro and JumpCloud help you create “Pre-stage Magic”. Magic is a funny term here but remember Clarkes’ 3rd Law — any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic — that’s how JumpCloud likes to think of this beautiful workflow to save time onboarding new employees. The “Magic” or advanced technology in […]

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