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The importance of student device choice when preparing for the modern workplace

The World Economic Forum warns universities and colleges that they will need to adapt in order to prepare students for work in our increasingly tech-heavy global marketplace. Part of preparing students includes arming them with the tools they need to be most productive and creative. A recent study revealed one way to help new graduates shine: ensure […]


What is your Apple Fleet Worth to you?

Many JNUC conversations are about device provisioning and on-boarding, but as Jamf Admins see their deployments grow every year, a new topic is growing in importance: fleet device refresh and asset disposition. At JNUC 2019, Diamond Assets and Millard School District shared the benefits they have seen operationally and instructionally from professionally managed buyback programs. […]


Challenging the norm to enhance employee experience

When five friends came together in 1972 to create real-time, standardized software to redesign how companies operate, they didn’t know their effort would eventually build SAP: the market leader in enterprise application software. At more than 90,000 employees in 140+ countries, SAP continues to innovate with their original vision in mind: to create opportunities for […]

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