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Introducing Jamf Pro 10.16

With the Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) just a few weeks away, we’re excited to be launching our final Jamf Pro update before the big event. Today, Jamf Pro 10.16 is generally available! 2019 has been a year of doubling-down on our support for education institutions and end-user privacy. This new release takes our education-specific functionality to new heights, evolves our […]


Apple’s new Endpoint Security Framework

A common component of (many) security tools is a process and file monitor. As the name implies, these watch for various processes (start, terminate, etc.) and file (create, open, delete) events. Such monitors often extract “meta information” such as the process/file path, process arguments and process code-signing information. Armed with a process and file monitor, […]


Why Jamf?

* Zero-day support on Apple OS-releases and new features: Any new Apple release arrives; you are sure to have the support on all your macs using Jamf pro. * Support: jamf support is really great, you get to work with the best minds in the industry who know about the technology and understands your support […]

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