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Buried Memories: High Fidelity Game Visuals in Unity Learn Premium

To accompany this stunning asset pack, the Learn Content and Unity Icons Collective teams have crafted a brand new premium learning experience for intermediate artists and generalists. The Buried Memories Game Visuals Course is part of the Unity Learn Premium platform and is available today. The course gives you a peek behind the curtain to see how […]


Connecting design and construction with Unity Reflect

Since announcing Unity Reflect in June, we’ve shared how it works, answered your burning questions, and explored how teams with and without Unity expertise can use it. Now, it’s time to see how our customers with early access to Unity Reflect are using it in the real world. At Unite Copenhagen, we invited Adam Chernick and Christopher Morse from SHoP Architects’ […]


Customizing Snaps Prototype assets with ProBuilder

Snaps Prototypes are modular prototyping assets created entirely with Unity’s ProBuilder 3D modeling package. They are designed to snap to a grid using the ProGrids system. Built to real-world scale, they make it easy for both novice and intermediate-level designers to lay out game environments. You can substitute the prototype assets with high-detail art assets […]

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