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Unity and Overtone at PAX East 2020

Connect with Overtone Overtone is a free downloadable voice and text chat app that enables gamers around the world to communicate in and out of their favorite game. Built for gamers using Vivox, the voice technology in leading games like Fortnite, PUBG and League of Legends, Overtone harnesses the social potential of reliable, easy-to-use, quality voice tech right at your […]


Reimagining in-vehicle experiences with real-time 3D

One of the biggest changes taking place in the automotive industry is the digitalization of the dashboard. From super-sized stretch screens that blend instrument clusters and infotainment systems to augmented reality-powered head-up displays (AR HUDs), human-machine interface (HMI) systems are rapidly becoming a battleground for automotive companies. Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer for Daimler AG, the parent company of […]


Unity at Sundance Film Festival 2020

Forging a New Frontier The Sundance New Frontier program brings together the craft of storytelling, interactivity, and technology. This unique collection showcases work that lives at the cross-section of film, art, performance and emerging technologies.  See how these cutting edge storytellers were able to realize their vision with Unity.  A Machine for Viewing United Kingdom, […]


Unity Simulation is now on AWS, making it multi-cloud compatible

This strategic collaboration with AWS bolsters our commitment to users by giving you the choice to run simulations in the cloud of your choice. You can take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure to run simulations at scale. “Unity Simulation on AWS provides a powerful accelerator for customers working to solve […]


Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS): Designing a framework for simplified, flexible AR authoring

How could AR make better sense in Unity? Real world and application coordinate frames rarely align. Developers need a tool that allows them to author precisely for an uncertain world. This tool would need to accommodate a variety of situations with “fuzzy” placement rules.  To get there, our answer is breaking one large coordinate system […]


Lexus opens the door for virtual production in Unity

We recently collaborated with Lexus and its agency Team One to create a real-time configurator showcasing the Lexus ES MY19. While you may be familiar with consumer-focused car configurators – commonly seen in web-based “build and price” tools – this new process provides richer capabilities for industry professionals.  First, it was purpose-built for developing virtual […]

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