Achieving theater-quality anime with Unity

Graphinica, Inc. has been producing 2D and 3D animation projects for more than a decade, handling most of the production in-house. This September, the studio released the animated film HELLO WORLD to theaters across Japan. The majority of the film was made using traditional pre-rendering techniques, although the studio also used Unity tools to create backgrounds for scenes where the […]


SpotWorks Studio: Viceroy Outdoor Restaurant

Established in 2013, SpotWorks is a creative studio that specializes in high-end 3D architectural rendering services in Singapore. As an ISO 9002 certified company, we ensure that all our renderings meet the highest quality requirements for execution and delivery. Over 200 prominent architects, designers, property developers and agencies in 37 countries globally have expressed satisfaction […]


How immersive experiences inspire empathy and real-world behavior change

Krikey’s CTO, Dr. Ketaki Shriram has a background in research that focuses on the power of immersion to inspire empathy and create real-world behavior change. Through numerous studies, results have shown that after having a meaningful immersive experience (like cutting down a virtual tree or watching yourself personify and perish as a piece of bleached coral), there is […]


Meet Happier with Logitech Room Solutions for Zoom Rooms

Logitech and Zoom are proud to announce a fully-integrated Zoom Rooms solution that delivers on the promise of simplified, easily scalable video deployments and seamless user experiences.  Certified and natively supported by Zoom, Logitech Room Solutions now provide a comprehensive suite of components to power Zoom Rooms from huddle spaces to large conference rooms. Logitech […]


Logitech and Google Cloud Partnership Delivers New Video Experiences to Hangouts Meet Rooms

Global enterprises and small businesses alike are rapidly adopting G Suite to improve knowledge sharing, decision making, and collaboration. From mobile devices to desktops, these applications enable individuals and teams to perform better, faster, and more effectively. With the introduction of Logitech Room Solutions for Google Hangouts Meet, the same intuitive and powerful experiences individual […]


Normal map compositing using the surface gradient framework in Shader Graph

Since the introduction of normal mapping in real-time computer graphics, combining or blending normal maps in a mathematically correct way to get visually pleasing results has been a difficult problem for even very experienced graphics engineers. Historically, people often blend normals in world space, which produces incorrect and less than satisfactory results. The paper “Surface Gradient Based […]

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