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Accelerating ML Research: Meet us at NeurIPS 2019

After spending several decades on the margins of AI, reinforcement learning has recently emerged as a powerful framework for developing intelligent systems that can solve complex tasks in real-world environments – from playing games such as Dota and StarCraft to teaching a robot hand to manipulate a Rubik’s Cube. However, one attribute of intelligence that still eludes modern learning systems […]


How immersive experiences inspire empathy and real-world behavior change

Krikey’s CTO, Dr. Ketaki Shriram has a background in research that focuses on the power of immersion to inspire empathy and create real-world behavior change. Through numerous studies, results have shown that after having a meaningful immersive experience (like cutting down a virtual tree or watching yourself personify and perish as a piece of bleached coral), there is […]


Sherman behind the screens: How to create cinema-quality lighting in Unity

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about a major industry shift happening right now: the rise of real-time production. Real-time animation is much more than a different rendering solution – it’s actually revolutionizing the entire production pipeline. Real-time creation engines (also known as game engines because they were initially created for video game development) […]

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