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Unity Simulation is now on AWS, making it multi-cloud compatible

This strategic collaboration with AWS bolsters our commitment to users by giving you the choice to run simulations in the cloud of your choice. You can take advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure to run simulations at scale. “Unity Simulation on AWS provides a powerful accelerator for customers working to solve […]


Introducing Asset Store Mega Bundles featuring Synty Studios

The 3D designers behind Synty Studios are living the dream: creating cool content, helping game devs get stuff done, and enjoying the freedom of working for themselves. They started publishing on the Asset Store in 2014 when co-founders and 3D artists Mike Clephane and Andrew Stairs launched the Simple Town cartoon asset pack, a blocky modular city designed for […]


Unity opens new possibilities for the anime industry

Few Japanese studios have explored the potential of Unity as a production tool for anime because they don’t know if its real-time improvements to their workflow can deliver the extremely high-quality animation that audiences demand. But as visionary studios like Craftar have found, Unity streamlines their production pipeline and delivers incredible results, while also creating new opportunities.  […]


Normal map compositing using the surface gradient framework in Shader Graph

Since the introduction of normal mapping in real-time computer graphics, combining or blending normal maps in a mathematically correct way to get visually pleasing results has been a difficult problem for even very experienced graphics engineers. Historically, people often blend normals in world space, which produces incorrect and less than satisfactory results. The paper “Surface Gradient Based […]

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