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Information, Technology & Digital Visualization in the IMMERSIVE AGE Sniper  Systems  and  Solutions,  a  skilled  company  with  professional  experience  and  industrial insights,  offers  solutions  to  the  Indian  media  and  entertainment  industry.  Sniper Systems and Solutions conducted a technical session on Information, Technology & Design Visualization in the Immersive Age powered by VAMRR at Bengaluru. Vamrr is building the Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality ecosystem in India.

As  a  part  of  Sniper’s  Systems  and  Solutions  ongoing  initiative,  “Sniper  Synergy.

2018”  was  to  spread  awareness  about  the  use  of  VR  in  Manufacturing  and Automotive,  Enabling  new  paradigms,  VR  Design,  Visualization  &  Collaboration. The Prime objective of the program was on the complete drift taking place in AR/ VR/MR.  Sniper’s  association  with  Vamrr  have  brought  a  special  flavour  to  the event. 

On  the  significance  and  the  importance  of  such  events,  the participants remarked “The presentation was interesting and very interactive, as technicians hungry for information on latest industry updates. Only events like this will push the industry forward and encourage more. We request more such initiatives from Sniper and team.” 


The event was a roaring success and the team is thrilled with the positive feedback they have received by far