Information, Technology & Digital Visualization in the IMMERSIVE AGE Sniper  Systems  and  Solutions,  a  skilled  company  with  professional  experience  and  industrial insights,  offers  solutions  to  the  Indian  media  and  entertainment  industry.  Sniper Systems and Solutions conducted a technical session on Information, Technology & Design Visualization in the Immersive Age powered by VAMRR...Read more

Enabling New Paradigms in VR

Sniper Systems & Solutions Pvt. Ltd, a skilled company with professional experience and industrial insights, offers solutions to the Indian Media & Entertainment industry. Sniper Systems & Solutions conducted a technical session on Enabling New Paradigms in VR powered by VAMRR at IIIT Hyderabad. Vamrr is building the Virtual Augmented Mixed Reality...Read more

Sniper Synergy 2018

As a part of their ongoing initiative “Sniper Synergy 2018” to create awareness and increase adoption of Autodesk products in varied industry and market verticals. Sniper Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd, Gold Partners of Autodesk conducted a technical workshop on Maya 2018, Arnold 5, AR |VR | MR at Wiztoonz...Read more