Reduce Costs with Unified Device and Identity Access Management

Open Directory Platform

JumpCloud’s open directory platform makes it possible to unify your technology stack across identity, access, and device management, in a cost-effective manner that doesn’t sacrifice security or functionality.

  • Unify user identities across infrastructure
  • Secure devices, regardless of OS and location
  • Provide frictionless resource access to all users

Centralize Identities

Enjoy full-scale, centralized identity management with unified user identities, organization-wide, no matter where they originate. Easily integrate other identity sources to automatically keep identities up-to-date and aligned across all connected resources. Eliminate attack vectors related to identity sprawl and reduce costs associated with using identity management point solutions.

  • Unify identities with open integration capabilities
  • Protect identities with built-in multi-factor authentication
  • Secure credentials with the native password manager

Secure Devices

Manage your entire fleet, regardless of OS or location, and create a scalable device management foundation that evolves with you. From one pane of glass, manage all server infrastructure and devices, whether they’re mobile or non-mobile, corporate-owned, or part of a BYOD initiative. Use JumpCloud to achieve compliance, centrally monitor events, manage and export device data, enforce policies, patch machines, and more.

  • Manage all endpoints in one platform
  • Secure all devices that access company resources
  • Enforce policies and patch systems remotely

Frictionless Access

Simplify onboarding, offboarding, and ongoing access changes and provide users with access to the resources they need immediately, effectively, and securely. Reduce friction between departments through open integration capabilities that sync your tools, unify access privilege management, and improve employee productivity. Secure access with conditional access policies that protect your resources from evolving threats.

  • Group-based access and privilege control
  • Full-scale access monitoring and event logging
  • End-to-end lifecycle management for all users