Infusing Focused Cutting–edge Software & Hardware Solutions for Businesses to Gleam

Offering solutions that leverage the brand’s growth with the core focus on IT infrastructure, Sniper Systems and Solutions Pvt Ltd, an innovative IT venture, founded in the year 2009.

Building its name in the IT Infrastructure predominantly focusing on SaaS, IT/ITeS, E-Learning, Media & Entertainment, AEC, AR/VR, and Automobile industry, Sniper is emerging as a global leader in this space for its exclusive suite of services that are offered with peerless delivery and are equipped with exceptional capabilities in fetching maximum advantages for its clients. They have been successful in working in close quarters with the customers and helping them in establishing full-fledged studios from bare bone buildings.

As a top-notch IT Solution Company, the firm operates from its Chennai headquarter and has the privilege of being associated with technology leaders and global giants like Apple, Autodesk, Adobe, Unity, Trimble, Jamf, Lenovo, Chaos Group, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft, Zoom, Wacom, etc. It has moved to the top slots for most of its brands. They are Platinum and Gold partners for Various HW & SW products and are in the top 5 Partners in India in most of the Brands they deal with.

Supported with robust in-house team members with different backgrounds, the company has successfully achieved 1700+ satisfied customers, excellent pre-sales, Sales and Post-sales team, and envisioned to be the best in Providing end to end IT solution to the customers and a good contributor to the customer growth.


Umashankar Sivasamy: MD and CEO

Spearheading the company’s rapid growth at the current stage is MD and CEO of Sniper Systems and Solutions; Umashankar Sivasamy is a technology expert, having 25 years of exposure in delivering optimal results and business value in high growth environments in the area of strategic planning, Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Brand Management and Sales. He is a key person to handling all the Operation matters in the organization and the business head to manage various day-to-day activities.

I am so glad to associate with Velmurugan Senthilvelan who is the backbone of the Organisation established a lot of things in the Organisation, especially when it comes to New branches….. Our core team members are Purusothaman, Ramkumar, Saravanan, Akshay, Salomi, Pravalika, Beena, Ilaya, Prabhakar, Senthil and a lot more to join the core team soon as we expand.

Consistent and stable growth to the colleagues in terms of Financial and overall wellbeing, working as a family gives them the ultimate satisfaction and makes them feel their family is growing.

The foundation of the corporate ethos at Sniper is that they always put customers first, be it in good or tough times, they believe in resolving the problem and ensure they are with the customer at these times. With their excellent certified resources in the respective field, they can provide solutions at a much faster pace.

Though it’s a tough time, they made it in such a way that these tough times were turned into a great time for learning, growing, and spending quality time with family. Online meetings are scheduled in advance For the team members to plan their day smartly. For several months the whole team moved to remote working and the company ensure the necessary infrastructure is made available to the team, and things were better when they moved to a hybrid model of working.

Tech Advancements: Industry like AI, ML, Blockchain, Genomic, Energy is some of the mind-blowing industries where there are adoptions at all walks of life.

R&D: A lot of R&D research is taking place here by various reputed Universities and Big corporates and the Investments are pouring in as they see big upside in these verticals.

Innovations: Innovations are the biggest wave and all we need to take that wave for Better Living and Growth.

Most of the employees at Sniper are freshers, and all are trained by the firm. The management team imparts constant knowledge sharing not only in terms of Product, Industry, business knowledge, but they also impart training on wellbeing, Family importance, Work-life balance, Investment, and soft skills training required for better living.

“Work culture has played a significant role behind the Sniper’s growth. In addition, the amount of happiness gained by sharing the knowledge which we acquired over a decade and imparting that knowledge to the younger generation gives us immense satisfaction”, Mr Umashankar proudly shared.

“As we say money is the by-product for the work we do, that’s also pretty decent for us”, he further added.

IT solutions are inevitable! With new emerging technologies and tech-based solutions emerging every day, there is a huge opportunity for growth. Sniper has seen an excellent growth rate in the last few years and hopes the trend continues. The growth rate is expected to reach 50% YOY for the next 10 years and the firm envisions the team to attain greater heights

“I got the best learning of my career at the initial Stage when I used to be on the field, knocking on doors of 20 to 30 customers a day to sell products. This daily interaction with customers has given me immense learning and built a strong foundation to build this organization. I will advise the same to my fellow entrepreneurs. Young Entrepreneurs are having excellent Ideas and thoughts and to make it a reality they should interact with as many customers as possible focusing on the sale and after-sales support”, asserted the visionary.

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